Offsite Backup

Interested in a backup solution?  We’ve got you covered.

Our DataVault services offer a monitored off-site daily backup of all your important data.  We perform quarterly test-restores to ensure proper formatting and quick restoration if or when the time comes.  All the data is encrypted and secured so you don’t have to worry.  To top it all off, we are local and can restore the data quickly so you have less downtime.

DataVault Highlights:

  • Offsite, but Local: changes 24-48hr shipping and downloading delay to right now!
  • Server restoration starts immediately
  • Cost appropriate for small business
  • A human is actually restoring and testing your data on a quarterly basis at no extra charge
  • 24 x 7 monitoring of all your backups

How We Differ

There are two major backup solutions available to small business (from a wide array of vendors). Here they are, and how we’re different:

  1. We are less… and more, expensive!  Yes, you read that correctly.  The the answer is actually in the fine print.  The average cost for mutli-site, redundant power, redundant back-bone, virtual server availability, enterprise level backup type solutions are $2 to $3 per gigabyte + $150 per month per server in order to get your business back up quickly in a “virtual” environment (4 to 8 hours).  Then your data is mailed to you or downloaded, then you get your physical servers back up and running, re-sync with the virtual servers for the now current data that was running in your virtual environment.  All of this costs extra and generally thousands of dollars in labor support from an IT company such as ours. This would put the monthly cost for a small business  near $200/month minimum and thousands of dollars in restoration labor costs.
  2. The second is simple offsite storage from a major vendor like Amazon, Mozy, or Carbonite.  These run as low as $5 per month for unlimited storage.  There are major drawbacks however.  They are easy to recover individual files from, but what if your entire server crashes?  Most are willing to mail you your data within 24 hours (at an additional cost).  Then someone has to re-build your server from scratch, then restore your files, also costing significant labor, and it is still 24-48 hours before you are fully back up and running.  Additionally, SQL server databases, Microsoft Exchange Stores, System State Data, are not backed up in any sort of easily manageable method and are frequently missed if not setup by an IT professional.

The Safe, Sufficient, & Affordable solution:

TechTastic’s DataVault is a simple in-between solution.  We take all the headaches out of setup, monitoring, test restores etc.  We use proven, non-proprietary software to minimize cost.  The data is stored in a near-by data center which we have immediate access to and can bring onsite without a shipping charge and without a 24-48 hour shipping or downloading delay.  We are already familiar with your network and can start  your server restoration immediately after your hardware is repaired or replaced.  Your server is restored to its former state from the backup and then the data is restored locally, minimizing downtime.