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Opening a new office? Looking for the best way to collaborate with your colleagues down the hall or across the country? Planning a server upgrade? Let our IT consulting pros align the technology with your business plan and budget. Multi-server projects, lifecycle management, remote access, VoIP telephones and much more… click for a full list of services and descriptions.


From a single PC to a rack full of servers to a hotel full of telephones we try to partner smart to provide you with industry proven, reliable hardware and software from leaders in the field. Our major partners include, Dell, Microsoft, Ingram Micro, Sonicwall, Fonality, and more. Click to read more about partnering smart and what TechTastic can provide to your business.


If it touches a network we can deploy it, test it, support it, and we always stand by it. We can wire a building from the ground up, install your network devices, deploy your servers, configure your PCs, and change the way you think about telephones. Click to see a list of all of our services and learn what a professional IT provider can do for your business and how they can save you money.


Our goal is to build relationships, not just fix your technical problem of the day. We promise not to blame it on “the other guy” and will always communicate in plain prose what it is we are doing and how much it costs. Anti-Virus, Backups, Security, Remote Support… Those things are easy. It is making sure customers are happy and understand what is going on that is the challenge. See what sets us apart and give us a call.

“I always tell people that we are a service company first, not a technical one. Whatever your technical problem of the day is can easily be fixed (well, sometimes easily 🙂 ) but providing you with good service, communicating in plane prose, and never blaming the problem on “the other guy” is a much larger challenge in the tech field. We are a small but growing company so you may not always get me personally when dealing with your technical issues, but I always want to be in the loop when building a relationship with a new customer and make it a point to get to know you and your staff. If you have questions, concerns, etc, about TechTastic please ask for me. I look forward to getting to know you and your business and changing the way you think about technology.” – Zion Finck, Owner/CEO

Zion Finck, Owner & IT Consulting Specialist

Create Peace of Mind with Managed IT Services

Take a proactive approach to managing your network. Our team covers every IT asset and service your company needs to be secure, stable and FAILSAFE! Our managed IT services are good for you — and for us. They provide a proactive approach with 24/7/365 technical expertise, support, and management for your entire IT infrastructure. We can either become an extension of your IT team, or your full service IT department providing all the support you need.

IT Consulting, Support, Proactive Management & Technology Consulting

We take pride in having highly knowledgeable, professional and friendly techs that know how to get consistent and reliable results. In the business world, time is precious and you simply can’t sit around and wait to get the service and support you require to be fully operational. This is why we offer assistance when you need it and can even connect to your computer remotely.

Every business has different needs. Part of why we enjoy such a high level of customer satisfaction and so many referrals is that we always provide customized approaches. At Techtastic, you’ll never get a cookie-cutter approach to your tech problems and issues.

Technology Solutions for Dental, Healthcare & Hospitality

Techtastics comprehensive IT consulting capabilities are focused on small to medium sized dental, healthcare and hospitality providers. As a managed service provider we understand how to mitigate IT risks while aligning with your budget and goals in a dental, healthcare or hospitality environment. TechTastic proactively manages every part of your IT ecosystem, allowing for highly stable and reliable IT performance across all your physical locations and digital channels. Whatever’s on your agenda, we can help, acting as your single-source provider for all things IT, or as a managed IT consulting partner to your in-house team.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About TechTastic

Client Industries Breakdown

Our current industry breakdown is 31% Medical & Dental, 29% Hospitality, 29% Professional Services, and 11% Other

Client Network SizeOur customers have between 5 and 35 computers and 1-8 servers (most have 1 or 2). We service the full range of client networks from small to large.

Client RevenueOur customers ANNUAL REVENUE ranges from SMALL, MOM-AND-POP INCOMES to ~$35 MILLION annually.

IT Management for a Flat Monthly RateAbout ONE-THIRD of our customers pay a FLAT monthly fee for ALL of their IT services.

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