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Amazing customer experiences start with fantastic IT support!

Are your IT resources expanding fast enough to keep up with the digital and physical operations they’re required to support? Are you unhappy with your current hospitality IT services provider? If your enterprise is growing, so are your IT headaches. There’s an overwhelming stream of data and applications, networking and connectivity challenges need to be manage and secured, not just to support basic business functions but provide the kind of unique experiences your guests demand. Keep your real world assets primed for any event, but also your branded digital assets, like critical online booking and CRM apps, operating at peak performance so they’re available and responsive to you and your guests 24/7 across browsers and mobile devices.

Hospitality IT Services Management: Proactively Manage Your IT Resources

TechTastic proactively manages every part of your IT ecosystem, allowing for highly stable and reliable IT performance across all your physical locations and digital channels. Whatever’s on your agenda, we can help, acting as your single-source provider for all things IT, or as a managed IT partner to your in-house team. We can help you develop a secure and scalable IT footprint that will grow with your operations over time, and also provide controlled and predictable technology costs.

TechTastic Delivers Responsive Service & Exemplary End-User Support

  • Proactive and Reactive Support 24/7/365
  • 95% Live Call Answer Rate in Under 60 Seconds
  • Detailed Reporting and Analytics
  • Local Friendly Field Support Services as Needed
  • Proven Service Delivery Across Multi-Office & Highly Mobile Environments
  • Rigorous Compliance, Archiving and Audit Support
  • Enterprise Mobile Security Platforms and MDM Support
  • Extensive Experience Integrating Post-Merger/Acquisition Environments

With TechTastic at your service, you get secure, reliable, user-enabling IT you don’t have to think about. So you can focus on providing the kind of “wow” experiences and service levels that win repeat guest loyalty, attract top talent, and build your brand visibility far and wide.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About TechTastic

Client Industries Breakdown

Our current industry breakdown is 31% Medical & Dental, 29% Hospitality, 29% Professional Services, and 11% Other

Client Network SizeOur customers have between 5 and 35 computers and 1-8 servers (most have 1 or 2). We service the full range of client networks from small to large.

Client RevenueOur customers ANNUAL REVENUE ranges from SMALL, MOM-AND-POP INCOMES to ~$35 MILLION annually.

IT Management for a Flat Monthly RateAbout ONE-THIRD of our customers pay a FLAT monthly fee for ALL of their IT services.

Our Customers Love Us

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