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Dental industry technologies are the core of your practices’ ability to provide excellent dental care. Your practice relies on digital images and radiographs where a networking or software issue  can present an array of problems. Computer or network issues can require a return visit for the patient, block your ability to view or book appointments, or even data loss of important dental records. You can trust Techtastic, we provide IT support for dental practices every day!

Our friendly, local and knowledgeable staff have an extensive knowledge of the dental industry which allows us to apply our shared experiences with chartless integration, digital x-ray/imaging and patient workflow to your new or existing practice.

Opening a New Dental Practice?

Techtastic can provide you with turn-key services for your new dental practice build-out. We take care of all the technology details from your new office security to internet provisioning and installation; to researching the best practice management software, allowing you to focus on building your practice and patient database up to the crucial moments of your opening visit.

Integrating Digital Workflows Into Your Existing Dental Practice?

We provide IT support for dental organizations every day working closely with front and back office staff to ensure a smooth transition into new technology.  And with our friendly 24×7 help desk support plans, your staff will no longer complain that your practice management software support says you need to contact your hardware vendor or vice versa… because with our team we always have you covered.

If you are in the review process of a digital product for your practice give us a call. There is information and experience we can offer regarding your specific products and integration needs. We will be happy to provide a recommendation and discuss the pros and cons of each available product and vendor on the market.

Take a Proactive Approach with Our Managed IT Support for Dental Firms

As technology continues to evolve the talent required to implement and manage that technology becomes harder to find and more expensive to obtain. Organizations are left scrambling to pick up what’s left of the qualified talent at any price. Most small businesses simply cannot afford to retain the specialists they need and this can lead to much larger issues for the company; inefficient processes, uncontrolled costs, little visibility into IT, and a slower rate of adopting new technology that could help the company meet their business objectives. Offloading the burden of day to day operations to a TechTastics Managed IT Services can help your in-house IT team shift from “IT firefighting” to focus on delivering value to the company.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About TechTastic

Client Industries Breakdown

Our current industry breakdown is 31% Medical & Dental, 29% Hospitality, 29% Professional Services, and 11% Other

Client Network SizeOur customers have between 5 and 35 computers and 1-8 servers (most have 1 or 2). We service the full range of client networks from small to large.

Client RevenueOur customers ANNUAL REVENUE ranges from SMALL, MOM-AND-POP INCOMES to ~$35 MILLION annually.

IT Management for a Flat Monthly RateAbout ONE-THIRD of our customers pay a FLAT monthly fee for ALL of their IT services.

Our Customers Love Us

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