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Why Choose TechTastic as your IT Services Provider?

We take pride in having highly knowledgeable, professional and friendly technicians that know how to get consistent and reliable results. In the business world, time is precious and you simply can’t sit around and wait to get the technical support services you require to be fully operational again. This is why our technicians are there when you need it and can even connect to your computer remotely.

Every business has different technical needs. Part of why we enjoy such a high level of customer satisfaction and so many referrals is that we always provide customized approaches. At Techtastic, you’ll never get a cookie-cutter approach to your tech problems and issues. Some reasons why you should choose us:

  • Certified, professional network technicians and engineers who know how to properly configure and protect a business network.
  • No long term contracts.  We guarantee you will be satisfied.
  • If we can’t fix it, we don’t bill you, and we never blame it on “the other guy.”
  • We will communicate what we have done in terms you can understand.
  • Affordable prices combined with exceptional service!

Don’t settle for a desktop support technician to configure and maintain your small business network. Talk to a professional technical support services providercontact TechTastic. To learn more about industry specific IT consulting services click here.

Our Technical Support Services Include:

  • Prevention of downtime by actively monitoring your network, rather than simply reacting to problems
  • Data protection through backups and redundant storage
  • Guaranteed internal and external security, by only allowing access to those who need it
  • Secure remote access to your data and applications from anywhere you need it
  • Continuous support for new software, hardware, and upgrades.  We always provide free, vendor-neutral advice on what is best for your technology purchases.
  • Evaluations of ways to save money and streamline your business:  VoIP telephones, electricity costs, internet, television, and phone expense evaluations and sales.
  • As your friendly neighborhood IT provider, we will gladly answer any and all routine “How do I…” questions.

We cover every facet of your company’s technology needs. If you’re looking for an IT consultant, you don’t need to look any further than TechTastic. Check out our extensive offerings:

Anti-Virus Management

A comprehensive antivirus solution is critical for business continuity. A centrally monitored and managed solution by either the client or technical support services provider is critical as most staff members are not good at reporting notifications or keeping antivirus definitions up to date on their individual computers. It is just too easy to get in a hurry and click “okay” when a deadline is pending. Another often overlooked component of the security solution is antivirus software at the gateway (router) level. TechTastic strongly recommends a business-class router for any organization with ten computers or more. Antivirus software on the PC level protects the computers, but antivirus at the gateway monitors all traffic coming in and out of the network.

Anti-Virus Installation

A comprehensive antivirus solution is critical for business continuity. A centrally monitored and managed solution by either the client or IT consultant is critical as most staff members are not good at reporting notifications or keeping antivirus definitions up to date on their individual computers. It is just too easy to get in a hurry and click “okay” when a deadline is pending. Another often overlooked component of the security solution is antivirus software at the gateway (router) level. TechTastic strongly recommends a business-class router for any organization with ten computers or more. Antivirus software on the PC level protects the computers, but antivirus at the gateway monitors all traffic coming in and out of the network.

Computer Hardware Repair: Hard Drive, RAM, Power Supply, Video Cards, CPU, HeatSinks, Fans, Monitors, Battery Backups

Hard drives, video cards, and, power supplies oh my! That might not be be the best Wizard of Oz reference, but our IT consultant wizards promise not to hide behind a giant curtain–literally or figuratively. We have certified PC repair technicians prepared to handle all of your hardware and software issues. What sets us apart is cost consciousness. If it is going to take us four hours to repair your five year old computer, we’ll tell you that perhaps that money is better spent towards a new PC. We will never try to push you into something you don’t want or need, but if you could spend an extra $100 and get a brand new PC that is three times faster than your patched-up old jalopy, wouldn’t you want to know about that option?

Data Recovery or Data Migration

We are experts in saving that which is most important to you. We use multiple utilities and techniques to save your data or make your data migration as seamless as possible. From failed server RAID arrays to simply buying a new computer, let our experienced computer technicians assist with your data.

Software Repair

Software Installation & Deployment

TechTastic offers all of the business and professional software you need to run a company at a great value. Contact us to learn more…


Signature pads, credit card swipes, point-of-sale printers, mice, keyboards, external hard drives, flash drives–the list is long, but we know it inside out and backwards. Out IT consultants are familiar with most business-critical peripherals and are happy to recommend a product for your business or individual solution.

Printer Installations

We look for ways to reduce your overhead by providing solutions like scan-to-email, scan-to-network, scan-to-PDF, or eFax solutions. Whether it’s the push to “go paperless” or data archiving requirements, offices are frequently experiencing more hassles from their technology solutions instead of streamlining processes. We can sell, maintain, and manage, everything from large centralized solutions to simple desktop printers.

Thin Clients

Setup and configure thin clients attached to your organizations servers either onsite or remotely.

We Sell Computers!

We sell computers and servers through major vendors like, Dell, HP and IBM.  We could write entire blog posts dedicated to the topic, but we strongly recommend against buying custom computers from small shops or purchasing  from the box stores (Best Buy, Costco, Etc).

Here are the main reasons:

  1.  The big guys like Dell, have entire engineering teams optimizing their computers for business use.
  2. ANYTHING you buy in a store is already dated 3 to 9 months no matter what the sales person tells you.
  3. We can have brand new computers shipped in 24 hours.
  4. You generally cannot buy business class hardware in-store, particularly in the Reno region.
  5.  The reason those computers are so cheap, is because they are taking the lowest bids from vendors around the world and hodge-podging a computer together that looks good on paper, but doesn’t necessarily perform well day in and day out for years at a time.
  6. Productivity matters!  Those inexpensive computers and servers add up to hours of wasted time every month.  Multiply those wasted minutes, by the number of users in your company by the number of working days in a year and see how much it comes out to.

FAQ: How much does a computer for my business cost? (Collapsed, and when “+” is clicked the bullets below display)

  • Rough Answer:  $500 – $1080 Depending on what you need
  • Computer: $500 to $600
  • Monitor: $150
  • Office Suite: $240 Ask us about cloud alternatives @ $5/user/month!
  • Battery Backup: $60
  • Annual Anti-virus: $30
  • Seem Expensive?  See our blog post on why that $350 computer from Costco is not a good option for your business…


Servers are expensive, complicated, and central to everything you will do in your business in the next 5 years. Please don’t buy one without professional advice. Call us today as we will never charge you to discuss your options.

FAQ: How much will a new server run us? (Collapsed, and when “+” is clicked the bullets below display)

  • This varies radically, but for an office with 15 users ball park $5K + labor.
  •  See our blog post on “Why do Servers Cost So Much!?” or another on “Do I need a “server” or will a regular computer work for us?”
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Vlans
  • Firewalls
  • Security, Traffic Shaping, VoIP
  • QoS (Quality of Service)
  • Cable and Jack Installation
  • Server Room Cleanup
  • Rack Installations
  • Wireless Deployments
  • VoIP Telephones
  • We Sell Routers, Switches, and More
We check...
  • All network functionality: Subnets, DNS, DHCP, WINS, Active Directory
  • Network Security: Firewall/router settings, remote access configurations, password management, NTFS file and share permissions
  • Cost Savings Methods: Phone, internet, television subscriptions and costs, power bills, printing costs.
  • Everything else: System backups, battery backup configurations, update schedules, anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, printer sharing, websites, and anything else that you use regularly
We provide...
  • A detailed network map (a graphical representation of your hardware resources).
  • A written report of your network, with notes on what is configured properly and what needs attention.
  • A list of recommended changes and fixes, with priority and project estimates for each.
All provided for a $250 flat rate for single-server networks.

Considering Voice over IP telephones? We provide solutions for business with 10 or more workstations or for business that make a lot of long distance calls. Most customers save hundreds of dollars per year if VoIP is right for them.

The Top Features or Reasons Our Customers Choose VoIP
  • Cost: In almost all cases VoIP is cheaper than what you are paying now and includes MORE features.
  • Automatic, site-down call forwarding: Is your internet down? Your power out? No problem. The phone system knows this and forwards calls to your cell phone or designated phone automatically
  • Control: If you can dream it up, a quality VoIP phone service can do it. You can set up custom rules, like:
    • If a certain number is dialed, forward it to an extension.
    • On Mondays and Tuesdays during business hours, send the call to both my office phone and cell phone.
    • Have my home, cell, and office phone ring at the same time.
    • My son is sick, so I need to work from home tomorrow. I think I’ll take my phone home so that it looks as if I am in the office.
  • Server Administration
  • Hardware Repair
  • OS Setup
  • DNS, DHCP, Folder Shares, Offline Files Configuration
  • Roaming Profiles
  • Mapped Drives
  • Printer Deployment
  • Software Deployment
  • Group Policy Management
  • Terminal Servers
  • Citrix Servers
  • Print Servers
  • Centralized Printing
  • RAID
  • PBX/VoIP Administration
  • Backups
  • Virtualization
  • We Sell Servers!
Server Installation and Management

In addition to server hardware repairs, TechTastic can perform all IT-related tasks on your server or servers. From complex Exchange deployments and Group Policy Management to simple, centralized file and printer sharing. Our IT consultants actively manage DNS, DHCP, Share and Security permissions, Offline files configurations, Roaming Profiles, Mapped Drives, Scripts, Printer Deployment, Software Deployment, Group Policy Management and much more.

Remote Access & Distributed Solutions

If you have more than one office or staff member that needs secure, remote access to your office, there are a variety of affordable solutions for your needs. As the workforce becomes more mobile and long-distance collaboration more critical, the ability to access your computers, servers, and data remotely is becoming increasingly important. We can assist in making this secure and reliable as well as productive and accountable. Mobile meetings, mobile email–be productive wherever you are.


Business Class Routers, Managed and Unmanaged Switches, VLANS, Firewalls, Security, Traffic Shaping, Quality of Service, Cable and jack installation, server room/rack/cabinet installations, Wireless Deployments–these are just a few of the devices we manage and sell on a daily basis.

  • Cloud Consulting
  • Blackberry Enterprise Servers
  • iPad & iPhone integration
  • Wireless Security
  • Guest Wireless Networks
  • Hotel/Motel Wireless
  • We Sell Wireless Solutions
  • Virtual Desktops
Professional IT Consulting
  • Wireless deployments
  • Network Planning
  • Software or hardware acquisitions
  • Hot / Cold sites
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Distributed Workforce
  • Distributed Office Environments
  • Budgeting – IT and Technology
Reseller Pricing for All Your IT Needs
  • Computers
  • Servers
  • Network Equipment
  • Network Cabling
  • VoIP phones and PBXs
  • Most major software vendors: Intuit, Microsoft, VMWare, Acronis, etc.
"Middle Man" Service

Many companies with multiple offices have IT managers located outside their geographic region and many large companies have corporate IT staff, again located outside their respective areas. We have experience in establishing trust relationships with both corporate and out-of-area managers allowing us to assist with getting smaller or local tasks accomplished in a timely manner. If your company is in need of someone to help out with the day-to-day light duty technical support services or the directives from corporate become too technical or cumbersome, we are here to help.

Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Onsite Backups
  • Offsite Backups
  • Hot Sites
  • Cold Sites
Interested in a backup solution? We’ve got you covered.

Our DataVault services offer a monitored off-site daily backup of all your important data.  We perform quarterly test-restores to ensure proper formatting and quick restoration if or when the time comes.  All the data is encrypted and secured so you don’t have to worry.  To top it all off, we are local and can restore the data quickly so you have less downtime.

Data Vault Highlights
  • Offsite, but Local: changes 24-48hr shipping and downloading delay to right now!
  • Server restoration starts immediately
  • Cost appropriate for small business
  • A human is actually restoring and testing your data on a quarterly basis at no extra charge
  • 24 x 7 monitoring of all your backups
How We Differ

There are two major backup solutions available to small business (from a wide array of vendors). Let us explain why we’re different:

  • We are less… and more, expensive!  Yes, you read that correctly.  The the answer is actually in the fine print.  The average cost for mutli-site, redundant power, redundant back-bone, virtual server availability, enterprise level backup type solutions are $2 to $3 per gigabyte + $150 per month per server in order to get your business back up quickly in a “virtual” environment (4 to 8 hours).  Then your data is mailed to you or downloaded, then you get your physical servers back up and running, re-sync with the virtual servers for the now current data that was running in your virtual environment.  All of this costs extra and generally thousands of dollars in labor support from an IT company such as ours. This would put the monthly cost for a small business  near $200/month minimum and thousands of dollars in restoration labor costs.
  • The second is simple offsite storage from a major vendor like Amazon, Mozy, or Carbonite.  These run as low as $5 per month for unlimited storage.  There are major drawbacks however.  They are easy to recover individual files from, but what if your entire server crashes?  Most are willing to mail you your data within 24 hours (at an additional cost).  Then someone has to re-build your server from scratch, then restore your files, also costing significant labor, and it is still 24-48 hours before you are fully back up and running.  Additionally, SQL server databases, Microsoft Exchange Stores, System State Data, are not backed up in any sort of easily manageable method and are frequently missed if not setup by an IT professional.
The Safe, Sufficient, & Affordable Solution

TechTastic’s DataVault is a simple in-between solution.  We take all the headaches out of setup, monitoring, test restores etc.  We use proven, non-proprietary software to minimize cost.  The data is stored in a near-by data center which we have immediate access to and can bring onsite without a shipping charge and without a 24-48 hour shipping or downloading delay.  We are already familiar with your network and can start  your server restoration immediately after your hardware is repaired or replaced.  Your server is restored to its former state from the backup and then the data is restored locally, minimizing downtime.

Take a proactive approach with our Managed IT Services.

Managed IT Services provides you with world class support and up to the second monitoring of your network. Let us be your complete outsourced IT department.

Our managed IT services are both good for you – and us. By taking a proactive approach to managing your network we reduce downtime, lower costs and achieve superior customer service, all under a fixed monthly rate. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits:

  • Managed IT services clients increase the value of our business.
  • It is a fixed income instead of a variable one.
  • We don’t have to worry when something goes wrong, whether a customer can pay or not.
  • We can automate tasks that normally require human intervention.
  • We can manage more devices with fewer staff and still provide excellent service.
  • We can address the back end issues that grow into problems over time, and we don’t have to request permission or money to do the right thing.
  • Providers can see things through to conclusion without worrying about cost or overhead.
  • Our technicians do not have to worry about how much time something is taking.
  • Our techs will never try to pad their “billable hours”.
  • We can be honest and open, without dollar bills being the focus.
  • I.e., it shifts the focus to service instead of billable hours!
  • All those back-end tasks that users never see are addressed properly, reducing downtime and total cost of ownership over time.
  • Access to our client access portal for opening and tracking trouble tickets
  • Access to our knowledge base so that you can see how we fixed a problem and self –help the next time
  • 24 x 7 remote monitoring and management of all of your devices
  • Increased response times as we often know about problems before a customer does
  • Stabilized costs even on large projects
  • Better communication and reporting on the health and status of your network as well as goal, project, and budget planning

Some Frequently Asked Questions About TechTastic

Client Industries Breakdown

Our current industry breakdown is 31% Medical & Dental, 29% Hospitality, 29% Professional Services, and 11% Other

Client Network SizeOur customers have between 5 and 35 computers and 1-8 servers (most have 1 or 2). We service the full range of client networks from small to large.

Client RevenueOur customers ANNUAL REVENUE ranges from SMALL, MOM-AND-POP INCOMES to ~$35 MILLION annually.

IT Management for a Flat Monthly RateAbout ONE-THIRD of our customers pay a FLAT monthly fee for ALL of their IT services.

Our Customers Love Us

Business IT Support Pricing

We offer some of the most competitive pricing available for business IT support – not to mention the best service. Read on to learn more about your options in partnering with us for your IT needs.

  • Flat Rate per Device: Stabilize and know your monthly IT costs. We will evaluate your service calls for 3 months and discuss your IT history to determine your needs.  You pay a flat rate for PCs, servers, routers, printers, etc., and everything is taken care of–no matter what! Call to discuss pricing.
  • $110 Hourly Rates: Extremely competitive pricing for certified business and network professionals!
  • Flat Rate per Project: If you have a large technology project ahead, let us develop a scope of work and discuss it together to agree on a fee.

Network Check-Up & New Client On-Boarding

  • $250.00 Flat rate for up to 3-server networks
    We check all network functionality and security. We then assess all cost-saving methods available to you, including everything from phone and internet to power and television. Our comprehensive network check-up is second to none.
  • Once we’re finished, we’ll provide you with a detailed network map of all your hardware resources, a full report on your network, and a list of recommended changes and fixes, prioritized with project estimates.
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